Forms of documents (Application Forms & Other Documents)

Explanatory Notes for Applicants EX1
Application for Registration of a Ship Form A1
Application for Extension of Provisional Registration Form A3
Application for Deletion from Ship Registry Form A4
Application for a Change in vessel Name, Ownership or other details Form A5
Application for a Non-Encumbrance Certificate Form A6
Application to Bareboat Charter out from SKN Form A7
Application for Mortgage Registration Form A8
Application for Renewal of Ship Registration Form A9
Continuation sheet for details of owners Form A10
Application for Renewal of Ship Radio Station Licenсe Form A11
Application for or Renewal of a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate Form A12
Application for 3-month Special Purpose Registration Form A14
Application for Seafarers Documents Form A15
Application for an Exemption Certificate for a ship Form A16
Application as a Surveyor of Ships Form A17
406 MHz EPIRB Registration Form Form A18
Application to Bareboat Charter a vessel in to SKN Form A19
ISPS Code Declaration of CSO Form A21
ISM Code Declaration of a Company Form A22
ISM Code Declaration of a DPA Form A23
Maritime Registrar Information Sheet, to be submitted at time of Provisional Registration

Form A24

Application for Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I

Form A25

Bill of Sale BS1
Physical Medical examination report for Seafarers CT026
Minimum Safe Manning Requirement MMI
Continuous Synopsis Record - Index of Amendments CT010
Amendments to the Continuous Synopsis Record CT010
Appendix - CT010 - Continuous Synopsis Record CT010
Casualty Report Form Form CR1